lørdag den 28. juni 2008

Weekend Mix

As Jeppe said in a earlier post, it has been awhile since he last put op a post, and that goes for me to. I´m finally done with doing different paper works, and now its summertime.....thank god. To kick in the summer here some great tracks for your pleasure. The first one is from Brassica aka. Michael Anthony Wright, a young guy from London. He is set to put out his new record 21 july at Tartaruga records, which earlier this spring put out Bleeding Heart Narratives debut album "All that was missing we never had in the world". The second track is from the fantastic youngster Khonnor, which we have blogged about aerlier. Its an old track from his first EP "Lost Pets". Though its from 2003 it´s still rocking....!!

Brassica - The Conveyor Belt(On The Way In)

Khonnor - Cantelopps

The Wind Whistles

Of the best things about managing a blog is that people actually send their music to us for us to listen to and possibly write about. Some are great and some are not, but these guys really caught my ear; the Canadian duo The Wind Whistles, whose debut album Window Sills is out now via a Creative Commons license on Aaahh Records (yes, that means you can get your hands on a legal digital copy for free). It's folksy and at times quirky but also sincere, honest and catchy too. Hope you will give them a listen, and don't be afraid to let us know what you think of it.

The Wind Whistles - Man by Name of Denver

Taking a break

I will be taking a break from the blog for a while, I'm going to Roskilde Festival and after that a couple of weeks holiday.
At the Roskilde Festival I will be working for a Danish site called MyMusic, writing reivews of some concerts and I will interview Beta Satan. If you know how to read Danish jump over to the site and check it out, it will be uploaded a couple of days after the festival has ended. I wish you all a great holiday! Here is a couple of songs I know I will be enjoying this summer!

Chris Garneau - Castle - Time

My Morning Jacket - Aluminum Park

tirsdag den 24. juni 2008

Fleet Foxes

As Jeppe just wrote in the previous post, you really need to believe the hype about Fleet Foxes. They mix Beach Boys with a folkish sound and the result is great pop music. Listen to this song and you will be won over. Go buy the album here.

Fleet Foxes - Blue Ridge Mountains

lørdag den 21. juni 2008

Back on track

It's been a while since my last post, the reason being that my aunt passed away rather suddenly 10 days ago. In light of that I haven't been as active in the discovery of new music as I usually am (heck, I only ordered my copy of the Fleet Foxes album a few days ago!...)but I'm feeling more or less back on track. So in absence of a "real" post here's a video that reminds me that life is not only brief, but beautiful. It is, of course, Grand Archives that have managed to infuse both music and video with a little sunshine, enjoy.

edit: the video is also available for download at Sub Pop via this link

fredag den 20. juni 2008

søndag den 15. juni 2008

Mikkel Glasser

This young guy could be the next big thing, I think....listen for yourself. Visit him on his myspace.

torsdag den 12. juni 2008

Happy 100!!!

Wow! We have reached 100 posts. Thank to those of you that read the things we write and listen to the music.
Keep reading and keep buying the music!
We celebrate happy 100 with two great songs from two Spot Fetival artists.

Small - Sunshine Lover

Radio Dept - The Worst Taste In Music

onsdag den 11. juni 2008

Snowfight In The City Centre

While I'm still trying to recover from the weekend's Spot Festival I'm listening to Snowfight In The City Centre and I'm very sad that they are no more. I think they could have been very big if they had released an album and not spilt up. Take a listen for yourself!
Learn more here.

Snowfight In The City Centre - No Lights

Snowfight In The City Centre - Saving Grace

søndag den 8. juni 2008


This years SPOT festival has come to an end. Day three didn´t really live up to the standards of friday's concerts. Some of the hyped concerts turned out to be a bit dissapointing. That said there were some eye openers. Some of the less noticeable artists, gave some great performances, and hey isn´t that what SPOT festival is all about? Discovering some unknown music......

Maia Hirasawa (Great performed pop music)

Susanna (A softer version of Tori Amos. Cant help thinking of a Danish band named Klakki when I listen to her voice)

The Radio Dept. (Synth pop/rock at its best!!)

Telli Bill (Didnt play at the actual SPOT Festival but at an afterparty.......but they should have 'cause they were awsome!!)

Pictures from SPOT Festival

lørdag den 7. juni 2008


(Lise Westzynthius at SPOT 2008)

This year's SPOT festival has received some criticism for not being more focused on the up-and-coming underground bands that need (and deserve) some attention, but from a spectators view friday's line-up was pretty outstanding. And since the three of us spends all our waking hours at the festival we don't really have much time to blog about it, but here are some links to a few of the artists we enjoyed the most yesterday.

Lise Westzynthius (heartfelt and fragile performance from one of Denmark's greatest female songwriters)

Figurines (not surprisingly a solid show)

SMALL (very promising noise-pop act, My Bloody Valentine in bed with Mew)

Salem Al Fakir (Great performance from this swedish guy, a young Stewie Wonder?)

Spejderrobot (Electronica at its best)

Efterklang (friday's last show, ending in a standing ovation from the otherwise seated audience)

torsdag den 5. juni 2008


Ok, so this year's SPOT festival has officially begun, and as promised we will be there for the duration. Or some of us will...Or at least one of us... So as Martin recovered from his long trip and Jakob finished off some school work I was forced to go solo for the evening (if you call going with your girlfriend and one of her friends 'solo').
Calling this day 1 might be stretching it a little, since it's basically just an opening night that differs in style and content from the rest of the festival by show-casing not just Scandinavian artists but acts from all over Europe. I had the chance to go see a double concert with Danish indie-darlings Murder (see picture ) and DAAU from Belgium, none of which have released anything in the last couple of  years. I'v always enjoyed Murder (and singer Bellenz' main act I Got You On Tape) on record and seeing them live was different but just as good.
I had no knowledge of DAAU (Die Anarcistische Abendunterhaltung or The Anarchistic Evening Entertainment, for the non-german speaking readers out there), but they turned out to be great as well. It's not every day you get the opportunity to listen to instrumental heavy/folk/jazz played on cello, double-bass, accordion, clarinet and a drum kit by 5 skinny, sweating and pale young men, and finding yourself thoroughly enjoying the whole thing. I've haven't been able to flush out any free songs for y'all with such short notice but here are some links if you are eager to find out more.

onsdag den 4. juni 2008

Telli Bill @ Spot

Another upcoming band that will be playing at Spot is Telli Bill. It´s a four member band from Aalborg, that used to play a more rock inspired kind of music. But on their latest ep they have gone softer, and i kinda like it. You should check it out, im going too. The rumor is that they are a great live band.
Visit them on their HP here.

Men Among Animals at Spot

Spot Festival is all about upcoming bands and this band is very much an upcoming band. Men among animals play rock ala Figurines and they should be very enjoyable live. I think we are going to take a chance and go see them. Listen for yourself and visit them here.

Men Among Animals - Slow Years

mandag den 2. juni 2008

Ane Brun at Spot

Here is an artist this blog is going to see at the upcoming Spot Festival. Ane Brun is from Sweden and plays folk pop. She reminds abit of a female version of Teitur and on this song he is guest singer. I looking forward to hearing her voice live. Visit her myspace here.

Ane Brun with Teitur - Rubber and Soul

søndag den 1. juni 2008

Spejderrobot, Snöleoparden and Efterklang at Spot

I really don´t know that much about Spejderrobot, except that his real name is Mikael Elkjær. His music is a good portion of electronica, some might call it low ambient. He recently released his first album "Falder baglæns ind i igår", which you can purchase here. If you like his music you can attend his concert at the spot festival where he will be playing friday evening.
Later friday evening you should go heck out Snöleoparden, who had his record debut in march this spring. Go get his record "Snöleoparden" here.
If you a this point isn´t hammered by consuming booze then you should check out the danish constellation Efterklang.

Snöleoparden - Dreng

Efterklang - Him Poe Poe


Spot Festival. Aarhus

The big event next weekend is the Spot Festival held in Aarhus. All of us at TIWIAE is going and you should too. This next weekend we will add some post off bands/artists that will be playing on the Spot festival this year, and that we think would be interresting to hear. We have already posted some artists like, Asinrebekkamaria, Jong Pang, Choir Of Young Believers and Annika Aakjær.
Visit the Spot Festivals HP here.