søndag den 18. maj 2008

Choir Of Young Believers

Friday night proved to dish out one of those moments where you are unexpectedly and positively surprised to hear something live that you have only listened to on record. COYB is the project of the Greek/Danish/Indonesian guitarist and singer Jannis Makrigiannis and he released the EP Burn The Flag last year to great critical acclaim. Here's why I was surprised: The EP is quite low-key, it has a lot of instruments, but everything is only implied. But with him on stage (and it was a small stage!) he brought 7 musicians playing everything from percussion to the cello and violin, and it was amazing! Here's a song from the fore-mentioned EP, but please - if you ever have the opportunity to hear it live don't hesitate. And I will be seeing them again soon at the annual SPOT Festival right here in Århus...

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