onsdag den 14. maj 2008

Annika Aakjær

I previously wrote about the danish female singer Annika Aakjær on this blog, and that she was set to have her record debut sometime this spring. Now it´s here. "Lille Filantrop" it´s called, and i must say that i was really looking forward to listen to what she and former Ibens bassplayer Henrik Marstal had come up with. As some might recall I was very fond of her previous demo recordings. So did i get disapointed? no not at all. I somestimes miss the mellow mood that came from her demo songs where it only were her voice and guitar that was in focus. But I still think she has made a really great record. A glorious career awaits here, im sure of that.
If you haven´t already bought her record then go get it here.

Annika Aakjær - Lille Filantrop

4 kommentarer:

Martin Ibsen sagde ...

I sorry to say that i'am not a big fan of Annika. But maybe I need to give her one more chance.

Jeppe sagde ...

I think I preferred her earlier stuff/recordings, when she was less 'produced' and a little folksier and quirky. But the lyrics and her voice is still cool.

Jakob Krogh sagde ...

Yep i miss it to. But that set aside i still think it´s a good record.

Anonym sagde ...

I love it...but I am biased!! I was her singing teacher when she was a teenager at Vester Thorup Efterskole and she always had a fantastic voice and personality
Christine Brakl