onsdag den 30. januar 2008

Bon Iver

No need for words, put your headphones on, close your eyes and listen to this.....

Bon Iver - re. stack (link removed) go buy the album:-)

Learn more about this man here

tirsdag den 29. januar 2008

Blonde Redhead

I must say if you live in Aarhus in Denmark you are one lucky b..... Take a
look at the news from gaffa.dk. I wish I lived in Aarhus.

Blonde Redhead -Doll is mine

Blonde Redhead - Misery is a butterfly

søndag den 27. januar 2008

Ola Podrida

If you're into so-called alternative rock/alt. country (not too keen on such labels, but what the heck...) you owe it to yourself to give this Brooklyn based outfit a good long listen. Their self-titled debut album was released for mass consumption last year and received more than a few praising reviews (and deservedly so). Their often soft-spoken mainly acoustic driven songs are a great reminder to us all that great music doesn't have to be revolutionary, nor loud - it's not about chasing after the next big thing or pushing a laptop to the max (all of which is not necessarily bad, I admit) but about writing music that matters. Give these tracks a listen, and don't be shy to tell me what YOU think.


Hip-hop has never really turned me on. The closest I get to liking hip-hop is when it's mixed with rock/indie, like the these guys from the USA do. They are releasing a new album in a couple of weeks and I'm very much looking forward to it. These two songs are from that record. Learn more about this cool band on their myspace page here. God damm, they have a lot of other very cool bands in the top friends on that myspace!!!

WHY? - The hollows

WHY? - These few presidents

lørdag den 26. januar 2008

Annika Aakjær

Annika Aakjær is a singer-songwriter from Aarhus, Denmark. She is set to have her record debut in april 2008, and is already named by Gaffa magazine to be one of the artists to achieve success in 2008. Annika is known for writing straightforward lyrics, combined with beautiful compositions. Look out for her in the upcoming year!!. Listen to some of her demo songs.......

Annika Aakjær - Barbie Sangen

Annika Aakjær - Min Pris

Annika Aakjær - Drømmenes Toilet

fredag den 25. januar 2008

torsdag den 24. januar 2008

Patrick Watson

Once in a while something just happens to fall into your lap(top) that makes you think "why didn't I know about this?". Something that encompasses all the reasons why you've fallen in love with music in the first place, and at the same time brings you something new and marvelous. That's pretty much how I felt when a friend turned me on to Patrick Watson's new record Close to paradise, which in my honest opinion deserves a top placing on many a blog's 'best albums of '07' list. Apparently critics and music journalists in Canada agree, and awarded it the Polaris Prize for best album, ahead of an impressive field of contenders such as Feist, Junior Boys, Miracle Fortress and last but not least Arcade Fire...Close to paradise is a complex and layered album combining classic singer-songwriting with a wide variety of other influences. Just listen to this track and tell me that his voice doesn't remind you of the late Jeff Buckley - in a good way, mind you.

The Storm

I like Mew and I did not have a problem with Swan Lee. But the new project called The Storm between Johan Wohlert and Pernille Rosendahl......No no no, it is the worst thing that has happened on the Danish music scene in many years. It's like a bad copy of an 80s rock band that is trying to win the
Euro Vision Song Contest. But do not take my word for it. Go and see for yourself, maybe you like it....This is the performance they did at P3 Guld.

or listen to The Storm
What do YOU think, post some comments and let us know if we are way off on this one!

Here is a couple of artists that know how to take on a storm and make great songs:

The Cardigans - You are the Storm

Patrick Watson - Storm

Prefuse - Storm returns

onsdag den 23. januar 2008

Cut Copy

I really like the first album from Cut Copy and especially the single "Saturdays". Now Cut Copy's new single "So Haunted" is taking me a bit more time to fall in love with. It has a more rock n roll felling than what they normally produce and maybe that's why I'm not falling head over heels. But I have the feeling it's one of those tracks that just needs a little more time on the playslist. Listen to what I am taking about...

Cut Copy - So haunted

Sounds like:
Hot Chip, The Presets, New Young Pony Club

tirsdag den 22. januar 2008


I can't say I know a lot about this guy - other than that he's releasing an album titled All is well in February which I'm looking very much forward to give a close listen. Apparently he plays in a wide variety of constellations and genres, go check it out here and here. I think it´s time for an all -out rock ´n´ roll post soon, but I´m in a quiet kind of mood these days and this song is indeed that. It´s also hauntingly beautiful. Don´t just take my word for it; go right ahead and click the link below


Levy is a four-piece band from New York. The band is headed by Brooklynite James Levy. On his new album Glorious the tunes are wonderful pop/rock songs with lyrics of the classic melancholic songwriter. The strong songwriting is the reason why you should love Levy songs.

Go buy Glorious here

Levy - So hard
Levy - Lady nicole

Sounds like:
The spinto band, The veils, Voxtrot

mandag den 21. januar 2008

Iron & Wine

Oh my, I’m so excited! Tonight Iron & Wine will be performing a live show in the windy city of Århus, Denmark – and 2/3 of the authors of this blog will be attending. I missed Sam Beams performance with Calexico last year, so I’ve been looking forward to this for a very long time. And considering the quality of his latest record as Iron & Wine, the immensely addictive The Shepherd’s Dog, I can hardly wait for those first chords to sound out...

If you haven’t already, go buy his albums. To get things started, here is a great track from The Shepherd’s Dog that I really hope will be played on stage tonight. Enjoy!

Iron & Wine - Lovesong of the buzzard

lørdag den 19. januar 2008


First time i heard this band I did not like it at all, but after a couple of spins in the CD player I fell in love. Passenger play pop with great melody and passion. Please listen to this great band

This is from the bands myspace profile:
Passenger’s 23-year-old Brighton-based frontman Mike Rosenberg is a rare thing… a young man, with all the enthusiasm and innocence of any other, who is capable, through his lyrics, of telling stories from the perspective of the ageing, world-weary soul, lost, rootless and full of regret. His songwriting partner in this noble endeavor is Andrew Phillips, guitarist, arranger and soundtrack composer. These two are the creative core of the excellent Passenger, and the ten songs that make up ‘Wicked Man’s Rest’, due to be released in September on the ChalkMark label, are an extraordinary mixture of acoustic folk in the storytelling tradition

Passenger - Do what you like

Sounds like:
Coldplay, White Rabbits

Loney, Dear

Well, this album can’t really be considered new in these fast times of ours (its almost a full year old!), but Sweden’s best one-man band, Loney, Dear deserves much more attention for his latest release titled Loney, Noir than he has received – so spread the word...
Emil Svanängen’s pop-gems have the unlikely ability to sound both sad and exhilarated at the same time and the careful orchestration surrounding his voice leads you from one amazing melody to the next. Loney, Dear is signed by always interesting Sub Pop (home to Iron & Wine, Band of Horses, The Shins and many more) so stop by
www.subpop.com or go straight to www.loneydear.com for lyrics, videos and what-not.

I’ve included the op
ening track and the closing track, so if you want to find out what’s in between, go buy the album – it’s well worth it. Enjoy


Loney, Dear - Sinister in a state of hope

Loney, Dear - And I wont cause anything at all

Sounds like:
Jens lekman, I'm from Barcelona, Andrew Bird


Yoav creates beats and rhythmic tones on his guitar and loops them live that creates a kind of chill out clubby sound, i'm totally looking forward to his debut album
Charmed & Strange due out early this year! I like this! And he is playing in Copenhagen in about a month.

Watch him make his crazy beats 

Yoav - Club Thing

Sounds LIke:

Timberland, Justin Timberlake, Michael Dow