onsdag den 30. april 2008

DJ gig - DJ Ibber!

Next friday,the 9.mai, 1/3 of TIWIAE will DJ at the cosy cafe Zusammen in Copenhagen. If you are in that neighbourhood drop by for a beer or two. I will start the show at 21.30 and until they close at 01. Hope to see you there. Cheers!

For more info go here

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lørdag den 26. april 2008

Weekend Mix

The weekend is here and so is spring (at least here in little Denmark); so get out yer flip-flops, pop these tunes into your portable music player of choice and dance through the streets. If that's not your thing, you're welcome to enjoy the tracks the old-fashioned way...

onsdag den 23. april 2008

And the amazing dancing bear

This band is not a revolution on the Danish music scene and that's okay, because they have a lot of other things that are  just as important; strong melodies, a very good lead singer and a band that knows how to work their instruments. They sound a bit like a mix between Radiohead and Death Cab For Cutie and with Jeff Buckley in front. I don't think they will remain unsigned for long. Take a listen for yourself. Visit them here.

And the amazing dancing bear - Restless soul

And the amazing dancing bear - Her modest mouth

mandag den 21. april 2008


I know I know, this isn't as new as a lot of other stuff out there, but it's just so goddamn good that I would feel embarrassed NOT writing about it. I actually got this record some time last year, but never got around to listening much to it for one reason or another. But during the last week, it's been pretty much on repeat on my computer, my iPod or my phone whenever I left the apartment - strange how there's a time and a place for certain music to really get to you... Phosphorescent has some of the same 'cottage-on-a-hill-in-a-the-woods-somewhere' feel to it as say, Bon Iver, with it's sparse instrumentation, crackling falsetto vocals and strong melodic drive. Listen to the opening track from the album called Pride, and don't be afraid to tell us what you think of it. Enjoy
As always, if you like the stuff - pay for it (here for example).

søndag den 20. april 2008

The Lovekevins

The Lovekevins are yet another great pop band from Sweden, but they actually don't sound like anything else. Catchy melodies, dreamy sounds and something else I can't quite figure out.... Check it out for yourself and visit them

The Lovekevins - Eurovision

tirsdag den 15. april 2008


Childs is an electronica duo from Mexico City. They say themselves that they are inspired by icelandic elfin pop, and nineties indie rock. And yes I have mentioned some bands before that have listened a lot to Sigur Rös, and yet again here´s one of them. But still I think they manage to make their own sound, and not just be yet another copy. Their last album was launced in 2006 and goes by the name "Yui". Listen to some of their tracks, and if you like them, go buy their album here.

Childs - Oliver

Childs - Marysal

mandag den 14. april 2008


These fellas just put out their new record Shots last month, and I think a quote from their website says it all, or at least most of it... here goes: ""Shots" is the sound of Ladyhawk getting loose, turning up loud, downing a few more and howling at the moon". there you have it - enjoy this track from the good folks over at Jagjaguwar.

Ladyhawk - Sthd

Post made by Jeppe.

søndag den 13. april 2008

Simon Lynge

I think it's kind of strange that Simon Lynge is almost invisible in the danish media and if you search on HypeM for Simon Lynge you can't find one post about him, until now! His debut record just released didn't even get reviewed in Denmark as far as I know and that's sad. I first saw Simon play an acustic set at Spot festival in Aarhus a couple of years ago and I was blown away by his voice and songwriting. His debut album has been a while under way but it was worth the wait. The album sounds like a mix between Teitur and Josh Rouse, well made melodies and great vocal work. The album is released digitally on a homepage called novatunes.com where you can get Simon's album as a free download if you make a novatunes account on the page. Push your mouse here for more info on novatunes and take a listen to two beautiful songs from Simon Lynges album "A beautiful way to drown" here. Go get that album!!! You can also visit his myspace here

Simon Lynge - If you go

Simon Lynge - House of sand

torsdag den 10. april 2008


Montag uses papercuts, metal pieces, autoharps, some violin, a melodium and traditional percussion in his compositions. Listening to Montag is like walking through a digital forest where electronic sounds meet acoustic instruments. Take a listen and buy the album here

Montag - Safe in sound

mandag den 7. april 2008

Promise and The Monster

Today I recieved yet another wonderful record, delivered by my friendly postman. The record is by a band called Promise and The Monster. A folk-indie band from Sweden that plays heartfelt music with a lot of feeling. I was in love right away. Take a listen to the first song from the album called "Transparent Knives" and buy it here.

Promise and The Monster - Sheets

fredag den 4. april 2008

The Raconteurs

With thunderous riffs, dual guitar licks, mexican horns and bluegrass banjos og violins (or are they called fiddles in this context?) there are so many things that could go horribly wrong with the new Raconteurs album Consolers Of The Lonely but much to my satisfaction they don’t – it just plain works. Raconteurs are less dogmatic and more musical than White’s main gig with The White Stripes, and Benson’s pale-white-boy-soul vocals really sound amazing alongside White’s blazing guitar riff’orama; I can’t remember hearing his mastery of his six stringed instrument quite so outspoken before. To top it all off they’ve even included a few songs that almost falls into the ’ballads’ category, which only adds to the overall balance and feel of the album.

I’ve never been much into The White Stripes or even the first The Raconteurs album, but this is to good to not let you guys know about it – it’s out in stores now. Or sign up at e-music and get it (and a whole bunch of other great independent bands) at bargain prices. And check out the new video below.

Weekend Mix

This is very simple. Good clean pop you can trust for the upcoming weekend. Enjoy

Goodbooks - Passchendale

Hellogoodbye - All of my love

Moneybrother - They are building walls around us

onsdag den 2. april 2008

I, cactus

Here is a chance for you to really challenge your ears! I wrote about this guy a couple of posts ago and after that I found this free album download on the Internet. It's released on a page/recordcompany called 8 bit peoples. Their mission is to "..continue to provide the vast majority of all our releases for free, including printable covers and inserts so that anyone with the desire to can "manufacture" physical copies of our albums. Furthermore, limited runs of most of our releases are available, offering superior sound quality to the mp3 releases and occasionally bonus tunes." They have a lot of stange and funny albums you can download for free and one of them is I, cactus. Download his album for free and take a listen....Enjoy

Album (Zip)
I, cactus - I, cactus

The tracklist is:
01 Yellow cactus
02 Chartreuse cactus
03 Green cactus
04 Bamboo cactus
05 Ruby cactus
06 Silver cactus