mandag den 21. april 2008


I know I know, this isn't as new as a lot of other stuff out there, but it's just so goddamn good that I would feel embarrassed NOT writing about it. I actually got this record some time last year, but never got around to listening much to it for one reason or another. But during the last week, it's been pretty much on repeat on my computer, my iPod or my phone whenever I left the apartment - strange how there's a time and a place for certain music to really get to you... Phosphorescent has some of the same 'cottage-on-a-hill-in-a-the-woods-somewhere' feel to it as say, Bon Iver, with it's sparse instrumentation, crackling falsetto vocals and strong melodic drive. Listen to the opening track from the album called Pride, and don't be afraid to tell us what you think of it. Enjoy
As always, if you like the stuff - pay for it (here for example).

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