torsdag den 28. august 2008

Value of music

Found this on a blog. Take a second to think about it....very interesting!!!

Let's say you bought some tunes at the iTunes Store. DRM free. You don't really like that music and want to resell it to people who like it. How much is it worth? Same price? Less? Nothing?

How much is a digital download worth when you resell it? Think about that for a moment.

mandag den 25. august 2008

Greg Laswell

Here is more music for fans of Teitur, Simon Lynge or just for people who like great songwriting. The guy is Greg Laswell and he has a new record out now called "Three Flights From Alto Nido". You can get it at Go go go

Greg Laswell - Comes and goes

fredag den 22. august 2008

Black Golden Bull

I recently received a couple of tracks from this band "Black Golden Bull". The music is country leaning against americana. They discribe their own music as "low-fi pop, and vocals registering somewhere between Roy Rogers and Sufjan Stevens". Not bad.......that is if it´s true. is. I really think this is great, and you should take a listen to it.
They are signed to the label "Non entity labs".

Black Golden Bull - Ocean Of Land

Black Golden Bull - Buffalo Waltz

torsdag den 21. august 2008

Pictures and Sound

This band is called Pictures and Sound and I don't really know why I like them but I just can't stop listening to them play pop tunes. You have to listen to this for yourself, be careful or you might get hooked like me!!! They have a new album out now. Visit them here.

Pictures and Sound - It's You

Pictures and Sound - Forever to Reach

Okkervil River "The Stand-ins" ready for pre-order

I only just got into Okkervil River with their album The Stage Names, but I've grown more and more fond of them during the past year or so, so it joyed my little heart to find that they've made a new track available for download. You can also pre-order the upcoming album and receive some digital goodies to boot. I've only heard this one song, but it puts me right into the same mood I get from Stage Names; a sort of manic melancholy combined with an urge to dance and sing drunk around a fire. Or something to that effect...

Okkervil River - Lost Coastlines

onsdag den 20. august 2008

Ra Ra Riot

Ra Ra Riot first full lenght effort The Rhumb Line has just hit the streets and is definately worth a listen. Their future seemed glum just a year ago, following the death of drummer and founding member John Pike, but the remaining members decided to go on, and thank you for that. We're in Shins country, but then again - not really. Take a listen below. Enjoy.

Ra Ra Riot - Ghost Under Rocks

torsdag den 14. august 2008

The National reveals new song

I just got back from a few weeks vacation, so what better way to sink back in to normality than by going to a The National show in my home city? Since I've never seen them perform before I didn't quite know what to expect from this bunch of ageing family men... They certainly didn't go all-out rock'n'roll bonkers, but with their particular brand of music in mind, that might have seemed a bit over the top. What they did do was focus on the songs (as they deserve), and play a tight and melancholy show with the odd ballad and/or rock-out ending. Needles to say, I was very pleased with the way things turned out. And even better; they played a brand new tune that could end up really quite amazing when it eventually ends up on an album in the (hopefully) near future. Someone taped it at their Copenhagen gig a few nights earlier, so here goes:

mandag den 4. august 2008

Dr. Dog

According to Dr. Dog music sounds like....
“There’s a little folk, blues, indie rock, soul, bluegrass—and a whole lot of down-home harmonizing. It conjures images of old friends sitting on a porch swapping instruments and just letting the tape recorder run.” I agree with them on this one, take a listen for yourself. Their album "Fate" is out now. Go buy it here.

Dr. Dog - The Breeze