lørdag den 27. september 2008


I don´t really know that much about this guy, besides that he is from Leeds, England. His describtion of himself or whatever it is, on virb.com goes like this "A computer from comet, a piano from the parish church, a broken microphone stolen from university, a herbal nun in the wardrobe, a grizzly bear under my bed and finally a young man from Leeds - Luumu -" But who cares, as long as he makes great music. His style is a mix of electronica and acoustic music. Check it out underneath.


tirsdag den 23. september 2008

Bon Iver live

Sometimes I can't believe my own luck, most recently being in attendance at the Bon Iver show right here in Århus, Denmark saturday night. One of those rare moments when a packed club actually quiets down and listens. My expectations were through the roof, but so was the band's performance - pretty low-key, all seated but playing with an intensity that didnt require anyone standing. Those of you who have been following Justin Vernon and co. online might know that they are out and about playing a new song called Blood Bank - which in my opinion in pretty freakin' great. Here's someones recording of it at another show earlier on the tour:

lørdag den 6. september 2008

Two Danish album debuts this week

We've written about both of these bands earlier concerning their very promising debut EP's, and this week sported a full length album from both! I've had a chance to listen intensely to 'em and I'm already ready to cast my vote for this year's best Danish records. Choir Of Young Believers are more oriented towards a the full-out epic pop, whereas Small excells in the dual-vocal guitarnoise synth pop that goes so well with a sunny day. My music collection has been greatly upgraded with these two releases.
Enjoy a taste below:

Choir Of Young Believers - Next Summer

Small - Comic Girl