søndag den 30. marts 2008

The Dodos

This two-piece band from San Fransisco just released their second album Visiter, brimming with melody, african inspired drumming and fingerpicked guitars. I know they've been heavily hyped and blogged about during the last week  following their performance at SXSW, but it takes more than that to discourage me from doing the same! It's really good and can be purchased here, here and loads of other places... Listen to the opening track below. Enjoy

fredag den 28. marts 2008


Ef is a five member band based i Gotheburg, Sweden. They recently released their third record by the name "I Am Responsible". They have the ability to built a tapestry of sound, with their post modern rock guitar riffs and string compositions. Often they go from a quite mellow section to a mind blowing inferno of sound. I have been told that there is no comparing them to other bands.....but still I can't help thinking of Sigur Rös, and maybe Mew on their better days. But you should make up your own mind by listening to them, and if you like them go buy them here.

Ef - Ett

Ef - Två

Weekend Mix

Yet another weekend mix for your pleasure. This weekend it´s time to get into the melancholic mood......Cause it´s cold outside.....hey I thought it was springtime!!!

Setsuko.ø - Hmong

Bleeding Heart Narrative - As If Yearning Was All And More Than Enough

God Is An Astronaut - Coda

Thee, Stranded Horse

Wow, I received this record in the mail today!!!

Thee, Stranded Horse is Yann Encre. He plays an instrument called a Kora with 24 strings and sings. The result is dreamy folk a bit like Joanna Newsom or Bon Iver but at the same time it's like nothing I have heard before. You must put your headphones on and give Yann Encre some of your time. Enjoy it....I am! Vist his myspace here and buy the album here it only costs 3.40 pund!

Thee, Stranded Horse - So goes the pulse

onsdag den 26. marts 2008


José Gonzales is one of those people who just do everything right. His voice is heavenly and his melodies always make me wish that I was in his shoes. He has worked with a couple of different artists like Zero 7, The knife and Junip. Junip is not a new project but I didn't know about it until yesterday. It sounds a bit like José's solo stuff but with a few extra instruments, but take a listen for yourself. And as always buy the album here.

Junip - The Ghost of Tom Joad

Junip - Black refuge

tirsdag den 25. marts 2008


This band are getting very good reviews all over right now. They are releasing the awaited album soon and I understand the great review when I listen to these songs. They sound a bit like TV on the radio and that's a good thing. Go buy the album here. Enjoy.

Foals - Hummer

Foals - Mathletics

PS: Death Cab for Cutie has uploaded a new single on myspace from the forthcoming album. The single is 8 mins and something long and very good! Go take a listen
here, it's going to be a great album!

lørdag den 22. marts 2008

The Gutter Twins

When two artists as prominent as Greg Dulli and Mark Lanegan hook up and release an album, you would be an idiot not to give it a listen. So I have, and I think you should too, 'cos it's really just as good as you would think it would be if you knew anything about their previous projects and cooperations (Afghan Whigs, Screaming Trees, Queens of the Stone Age, Isobel Campbell). The Gutter Twins is gloomy and dark rock and their label Sub Pop has been so kind as to give away this amazing track for free. If you like it, don't forget to support the artists in any way you can. Enjoy

fredag den 21. marts 2008

Weekend Mix

Yet another weekend post for your enjoyment. Remember to go buy the music, maybe using Amazon.com or your local record dealer....

Andrew Bird - Imitosis (remix by Four Tet)

Thom Yorke - Analyse (remix by Various)

Lo Fi Fnk - ADT

onsdag den 19. marts 2008


If you like browsing in the search for you new favorite band, you're gonna love Virb - if you don't already know about it. Virb is very much like Myspace, which is a great site and you can find all music out there, but it really doesn't work that well and doesn't look good either. Virb is the next Myspace, only it looks nice, is clean and simple and more importantly: there is a lot of great music to find. I spent 30 min. browsing and found these two great bands. I guess you can find these bands on myspace as well but it's like Myspace is getting slowly overrun by commercials and stupid ads posted by bands that all sound alike. Go check Virb and see for youself.

The Epochs - Tug of war

Go and visit The Epochs on

Tiger Lou - The Loyal

And vist Tiger Lou

tirsdag den 18. marts 2008

School of Language

While Field Music is taking a break it's good to know that the individual members aren't quitting music all-together, and this release from the band's singer/guitarist David Brewis even makes me think that the Field Music break (apparently not break-up) is a good thing. His solo project is called School of Language and bears more than a little resemblance to his previous work with FM. The melodies are still spot-on hooks with a twist and the arrangements are eccentric without ever being over-the-top weird. The four part song Rockist is a great example of how something potentially annoying (the continuous repetition of Brewis making vowel sounds) can be implemented in just the right way to make it seem just right. Listen below and buy the album Sea From Shore here or  from another music dealer of your choice. Oh, and visit his MySpace here. Enjoy

Corny Easter........

Here are some great hits from the 80´s and the 90´s. For you to get a great head-start on easter. Cheers...!!

Pet Shop Boys - Where the streets have no name

Shakespears Sisters - Stay

Erasure - Oh L´amour (Live)

Michael Sembello - Maniac

mandag den 17. marts 2008

Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes from "I'm wide awake, it's morning". I really like his lyrics....simple and beautiful. Buy the album here

Bright Eyes - Lua

I know that it is freezing but I think we have to walk
I keep waving at the taxis; they keep turning their lights off
But Julie knows a party at some actor’s west side loft
Supplies are endless in the evening; by the morning they’ll be gone.
When everything is lonely I can be my own best friend
I get a coffee and the paper; have my own conversations
With the sidewalk and the pigeons and my window reflection
The mask I polish in the evening, by the morning looks like shit.
And I know you have a heavy heart; I can feel it when we kiss
So many men stronger than me have thrown their backs out trying to lift it
But me I’m not a gamble you can count on me to split
The love I sell you in the evening, by the morning won’t exist.
You’re looking skinny like a model with your eyes all painted black
You just keep going to the bathroom always say you’ll be right back
Well it takes one to know one, kid, I think you’ve got it bad
But what’s so easy in the evening, by the morning is such a drag.

What’s so simple in the moonlight, now is so complicated
What’s so simple in the moonlight, so simple in the moonlight

lørdag den 15. marts 2008

Connor Kirby-Long

Step into the world of Connor Kirby-Long. He works under many different names but is best know as Khonnor. Besides Khonnor he calls himself strange things like Gaza Faggot, Grandma and I, Cactus. His music is a beautiful and weird mix of electronic sounds, noise and guitar song writing. He uses low-tech instruments such as an instructional Japanese language course package's microphone, an amp, a guitar, and experimental electronics in his recordings which explore the relationship between language and sound. It sometimes sounds like a soundtrack to a David Lynch movie. Haunting and the kind of music that gets you in the right melancholic mood. He's not a great singer and not even a typical songwriter but there is just something about him that takes my breath away. If you give this kid (he's only 20 years old) a chance you might just fall in love to. The first song here is from his debut album under the name Khonnor called Handwriting. That album received  some very good reviews and I think it is a masterpiece. The second song is under the alias Gaza Faggot and the last one his Grandma project. You can visit him on his myspace but there is very little info about him and buy his music here.

Khonnor - A little secret

Gaza Faggot - Softbo

Grandma - Aborttion rock

fredag den 14. marts 2008

Weekend Mix

Lets go have a ball in the Easter Holidays....Have a nice weekend. Some great music to kick in the easter.

ST - Downtown

EF - Ett

Seidenmatt - Bergen

torsdag den 13. marts 2008

Joshua Radin

Joshua Radin is a singer/songwriter from Cleveland, Ohio. His music  spawns from his characteristic smooth voice, entangled in the simple, though very harmonic compositions on his guitar. His first album "We were here" was released back in 2006, and he has recently released a 4 track EP on iTunes. If you don´t know this guy then do yourself a favor a check out his music. It´s really fantastic.
Go buy his album

Joshua Radin -
Everything'll Be Alright (Will's Lullaby)

Joshua Radin - Winter

tirsdag den 11. marts 2008

Andrew Bird

This blog wouldn't be the same without one of my favorite artists; the great Andrew Bird. He has released 3 albums and they are all masterpieces. If you don't know Mr. Bird you have to give yourself the time and listen to his music. Here is an example of his geinus. The first song is from his 2. album "Mysterious Production of Eggs", the other is from his new album "Armchair Apocrypha". Go buy that music..here

Andrew Bird - Skin is my

Andrew Bird - Simple X

lørdag den 8. marts 2008

Grand Archives

In September of 2006 former Band of Horses member Mat Brooke gathered 4 like-minded musicians and formed Grand Archives and now their debut album, the ingeniously titled The Grand Archives is flooding the streets with sunny harmonies. The music is similar to that of fore-mentioned  BoH in many respects, but with a warmer feel to it. They are signed to the wonderful label Sub Pop, that has been kind enough to allow us all to download the opening track from the album. A neat little tip: if you buy the LP (the big round thingy with music on) you get a coupon with which you can download the album as mp3's. Or you can just buy the mp3's. Or the CD... I really don't care which format you choose, as long as you buy it. Here's a little taste:

Weekend Mix

A brand new weekend and a brand new single from Håkan Hellström. The single is called "För en lång lång tid". Go listen to it on his myspace profile.
Here´s a couple of great songs for you to enjoy this weekend....

Lily Electric - Don´t change the suit when it´s you

Aslope - Smaa ting

The Ruby Suns - Maasi Mara

tirsdag den 4. marts 2008

Throw Me A Statue

This band plays charming pop/rock that's easy to like because it's so damn catchy. They just relased a new album called "Moonbeams". These two songs are from that record and it's worth spending a couple of bucks on. It gives you just the right mood for the coming summer! So go buy it! Listen for youself....

Throw Me A Statue - Lolita

Throw Me A Statue - About to Walk

Speed of sound

Speed Of Sound is a new and interesting record label that I'm sure will be known by all in the near furture. They have some pretty special bands signed that are going to be interesting to listen more to. I especially like the bands The William Blakes and The Informations. Here are some songs from these bands. Take a listen and tell us what you think...is this the next big thing?
Visit the record label here and listen right here....enjoy.

The Willam Blakes - Violent God

The Informations - Strange Habits

søndag den 2. marts 2008

Need concerts? Fabchannel!

This is a music blog, not just an mp3 blog - so I'm putting up a post (this is it, by the way) without any mp3's for your listening pleasure. "Oh my gawd..." you might be thinking, but read on and it will all become clear.

I stumbled upon a great site that streams live shows by a variety of alternative bands and artists, such as Iron & Wine, Sons & Daughters, Los Campesinos!, Okkervil River and many more. The site is called
Fabchannel.com and it is indeed that. Here's a quote from the creators to feed your curiosity:

"With a team of dedicated, music loving directors, editors, programmers and promoters Fabchannel has built one of the biggest online concert archives in the world. 700 full-length concerts, festivals, performances, debates and lectures can be freely experienced in the Fabchannel video on demand archive. Live from the famous Paradiso and Melkweg Amsterdam."


The Most Serene Republic

The Most Serene Republic is one of those bands that take some time to really enjoy and the first time I heard it I wasn't even sure I liked it, but now I'm in love. The 7 piece band play a kind of pop/rock with horn, strings and strange sounds, and they have just released their new album called "Population". It's not a radio hit record but you will be rewarded if you give this band a chance - and more than one quick listen is required. So listen closely to these songs and go visit them on myspace.

The Most Serene Republic - Battle Hymn of the Republic

The Most Serene Republic - Present of Future End