tirsdag den 18. marts 2008

School of Language

While Field Music is taking a break it's good to know that the individual members aren't quitting music all-together, and this release from the band's singer/guitarist David Brewis even makes me think that the Field Music break (apparently not break-up) is a good thing. His solo project is called School of Language and bears more than a little resemblance to his previous work with FM. The melodies are still spot-on hooks with a twist and the arrangements are eccentric without ever being over-the-top weird. The four part song Rockist is a great example of how something potentially annoying (the continuous repetition of Brewis making vowel sounds) can be implemented in just the right way to make it seem just right. Listen below and buy the album Sea From Shore here or  from another music dealer of your choice. Oh, and visit his MySpace here. Enjoy

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I am a big fields fan, thanks