onsdag den 19. marts 2008


If you like browsing in the search for you new favorite band, you're gonna love Virb - if you don't already know about it. Virb is very much like Myspace, which is a great site and you can find all music out there, but it really doesn't work that well and doesn't look good either. Virb is the next Myspace, only it looks nice, is clean and simple and more importantly: there is a lot of great music to find. I spent 30 min. browsing and found these two great bands. I guess you can find these bands on myspace as well but it's like Myspace is getting slowly overrun by commercials and stupid ads posted by bands that all sound alike. Go check Virb and see for youself.

The Epochs - Tug of war

Go and visit The Epochs on

Tiger Lou - The Loyal

And vist Tiger Lou

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Erendira sagde ...

Yeah! virb is so nice! You can find Po from Dk there www.virb.com/pomusic

And more from Sweden, like The Grand Opening, Library Tapes, Logh....