lørdag den 31. maj 2008

fredag den 30. maj 2008

Rhonda Harris

Another great Danish band for you; The Rhonda Harris is Danish composer, producer and singer Nikolaj Nørlund's band project that releases albums every now and then. I've found their previous albums to be of some what unstable quality, but their latest effort Here's The Rhonda Harris had me hooked from the get-go. Nørlund is often described as the godfather of Danish indie music (whatever that means...), and the fact remains that he has collaborated with pretty much every Danish artist worth giving a damn about, but with this record there's no doubt that he makes a great presence up front himself.
Album opener:

torsdag den 29. maj 2008

Jong Pang and Asinrebekkamaria

These two songs have been on repeat on my iPod the last couple of days. Both Danish artists with lots of talent. Go visit them on myspace. Asinrebekkamaria and Jong Pang.

Jong Pang - A House In Heartbeat

Asinrebekkamaria - Yours truly

mandag den 26. maj 2008


I really don't know alot about this young guy Pogo. He makes a mix of electronic music and film samples in a kind of remix/remake and it's has a melancolic sound to it. The song "Alice" consists of 90 procent sample from the movie "Alice in Wonderland", the result is a grovy pop song, great for any dancefloor. Check this out, it's very good. Go to his last.fm and read more here.

Pogo - Alice

Pogo - Lost

And watch the homemade video for "Alice":

Thanks to Paranoid in CPH for showing me this one.

fredag den 23. maj 2008

Weekend Mix

A weekend mix with a couple of songs from scandinavia. Two from Denmark and one from Sweden. Visit the artists on myspace....
Mimas, Salem Al Fakir and Prins Nitram.

Mimas - Mac get you gear

Salem Al Fakir - This is who I am

Prins Nitram - Arrogance

torsdag den 22. maj 2008

Panda Bear

I never really understood the hype on Animal Collective and the sideprojects of the members, until now. Today I took the time and sat down and really listen to one of the people behind the fuzz and it started to make sense. I listened to Panda Bears "Person Pitch" for a couple of hours. Panda Bear sounds alot like Beach Boys but if you can look past that "Person Pitch" is a mighty fine record and will reward anyone one listen, one then once. Enjoy.

Learn more about Animal Collective
Learn more about Panda Bear

Panda Bear - Comfort in Nautica

tirsdag den 20. maj 2008

Alexi Murdoch

If you are into stuff like Nick Drake, Simon Lynge and Bon Iver chances are you'll like this. Give it a spin and buy his new album here.

Alexi Murdoch - All My Days

Alexi Murdoch - Dreams About Flying

søndag den 18. maj 2008

Choir Of Young Believers

Friday night proved to dish out one of those moments where you are unexpectedly and positively surprised to hear something live that you have only listened to on record. COYB is the project of the Greek/Danish/Indonesian guitarist and singer Jannis Makrigiannis and he released the EP Burn The Flag last year to great critical acclaim. Here's why I was surprised: The EP is quite low-key, it has a lot of instruments, but everything is only implied. But with him on stage (and it was a small stage!) he brought 7 musicians playing everything from percussion to the cello and violin, and it was amazing! Here's a song from the fore-mentioned EP, but please - if you ever have the opportunity to hear it live don't hesitate. And I will be seeing them again soon at the annual SPOT Festival right here in Århus...

fredag den 16. maj 2008

Weekend Mix

Ohh my god it´s weekend again. This time we have a track for you that was sent to us by Brooklyn, NY musician Alan Wilkis. Go check him out here. Otherwise kick off a blast of a weekend with these tracks!!

Alan Wilkis - Milk And Cookies

Turboweekend - Stand (SuperTroels Once More With Feeling Remix)

The Polyphonic Spree - Light & Day/Reach For The Sun

onsdag den 14. maj 2008

Annika Aakjær

I previously wrote about the danish female singer Annika Aakjær on this blog, and that she was set to have her record debut sometime this spring. Now it´s here. "Lille Filantrop" it´s called, and i must say that i was really looking forward to listen to what she and former Ibens bassplayer Henrik Marstal had come up with. As some might recall I was very fond of her previous demo recordings. So did i get disapointed? no not at all. I somestimes miss the mellow mood that came from her demo songs where it only were her voice and guitar that was in focus. But I still think she has made a really great record. A glorious career awaits here, im sure of that.
If you haven´t already bought her record then go get it here.

Annika Aakjær - Lille Filantrop

News from Wolf Parade ("Call it a ritual, call it what you will")

In just a few days Wolf Parade will be releasing their next album At Mount Zoomer so the always polite bunch at Sub Pop has been kind enough to put up a tune for our downloading pleasure. I've given it quite a few virtual spins and I must say that it bodes extremely well for the upcoming release. Enjoy the hot stuff here:

Correction: At Mount Zoomer is set to be released June 17th, so be patient...

tirsdag den 13. maj 2008

Tokyo Police Club

Tokyo Police Club is releasing the second album "Elephant Shell" very soon and if you, like me, loved the first album by these rockers I think you're gonna love this new single. Take a listen for yourself and go buy the album here.

Tokyo Police Club - In a Cave

lørdag den 10. maj 2008

Maria Køhnke on Den 11. Time

A few days ago I had had a long hard day at work and had been gone from 7.30 in the morning to 10.30 in the evening, so before bed I just wanted to watch my favorite Danish TV show called Den 11. time (transl: the eleventh hour) which is a show about everything and nothing and sometimes features some great live performances (Efterklang, Teitur, El Perro del Mar and so forth). As it happens I fell asleep on my couch before the show started, but I woke just in time to catch an amazing performance by Maria Køhnke doing a live rendition of the song Cardboard Heart. Not only is the song beautiful, but it was accompanied by stunning visuals made by a couple of cardboard theater enthusiasts. I was in that state of almost-awake-almost-sleep that always seems to last a few minutes leaving me completely open to impressions as if they were a dream and I was absolutely blown away. I'm sorry I can't embed a video, but go here and watch it, just scroll down and select the clip (and yes, it plays on macs). The album Collector has been out for a few months and can be purchased on eMusic, Vibrashop and iTunes.
Here's one of the other great songs from ms. Køhnke, enjoy:

fredag den 9. maj 2008

Weekend Mix

A weekend mix just for you. Remember to drop by Cafe Zusammen tonight.

The Books - Smells like content

Sqaurrepusher - My red car

Hess is more - Yes Boss

Den Sorte Skole

Den Sorte Skole is a constellation of three danish DJs. They are know for their exceptionel mix of various artists. You may say hey there´s a lot of DJs that does that.....And yes your right. But these guys are just a little bit better than the masses. So check it you. You wont be disappointed. They just released a new album by the name "Lektion #2" wich you can provide yourself by clicking here. By the way if you don´t have a full schedule for tommorrow they will kick off a massive party at Train, Aarhus.
Check out this video from Roskilde Festival, where they made a killer mix of Bjørn Svins "Mer´ Strøm" and
Malk De Koijns "Å ÅÅ Mæio". Great stuff!!

torsdag den 8. maj 2008


The leadsinger in danish band Veto has a solo thing going beside the band. Today he released a EP for free download an his blog/homepage. You can go get it here. Good for danicing and the weekend. Enjoy

tirsdag den 6. maj 2008

Martin Ryum

Martin Ryum is a part of the danish band Speaker Bite Me who always make great records that get very good reviews. Beside playing guitar and singning in Speaker Bite Me , Martin has a solo project in which he has released one record which I really liked. It didn't get the best review and didn't sell alot, a shame. Now after a long time without releasing anything solo he has put a couple of song on his myspace. it's very slow and mellow but I like it. Take a listen and go buy his debut solo record here.

Martin Ryum - Lille Storm

mandag den 5. maj 2008

Late of the Pier

When browsing through my daliy list of blogs I stumbled upon this band, Late of the Pier. They play electro rock music and they do a mighty fine job. Visit the
blog where I found this song and take a listen for youself.

Late of the Pier - Space and the woods

fredag den 2. maj 2008

Weekend Mix

Finally weekend......and im stuck writing a paper!! Hopefully these cool tracks will get me as well as you through the weekend....Well that is if you also are stuck writing a paper....If not just go and have fun!!

Band Ane - Wood Delivery

Audrey - Mecklenburg

Tomàn - Deportivo

Free Spokane album out now

Good news for any and all of you out there who can appreciate good (and free) music! a small commotion is a retrospective album by Spokane, which in itself is a good thing - but even more so is the fact that it is made available for free to all with an eMusic account, so sign up and enjoy this sad but beautiful album by an undeservedly overlooked artist. Here's a treat...