fredag den 9. maj 2008

Den Sorte Skole

Den Sorte Skole is a constellation of three danish DJs. They are know for their exceptionel mix of various artists. You may say hey there´s a lot of DJs that does that.....And yes your right. But these guys are just a little bit better than the masses. So check it you. You wont be disappointed. They just released a new album by the name "Lektion #2" wich you can provide yourself by clicking here. By the way if you don´t have a full schedule for tommorrow they will kick off a massive party at Train, Aarhus.
Check out this video from Roskilde Festival, where they made a killer mix of Bjørn Svins "Mer´ Strøm" and
Malk De Koijns "Å ÅÅ Mæio". Great stuff!!

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