torsdag den 28. februar 2008

Striving Vines

I don't like their band name at all, but more important I like the easy going pop/rock
songs they play. The band cosists of Jonah Miller, Michael Noe,  Jacob Haubjerg and Jens Bach. They call their music ....poetic rock, which could be described as melodic crooked music and melody, accompanied by puzzling lyrics, circling life and society. Striving Vines strives toward leaving the listener with a unique aesthetic experience that aspire curiosity and reflection trying to offer new ways to look at the world. Wow that sounds crazy! Give it a listen...this is a song from the new demo just released and visit their Myspace here

Striving Vines - Too much Wine

mandag den 25. februar 2008

Dub Tractor

The Album "Hideout" from Dub Tractor aka. Anders Remmer is not exactly a new album. Actually is was released in 2006. I´ve always been a fond listener of Anders Remmers various projects, such as How Do I, Future3, People Press Play, Jet and of course Dub Tractor. Even though I like his music so much, I have never gotten around to "Hideout". I bought it a couple of weeks ago, and man did it blow me away!!
It´s a great album, and if you haven´t heard anything by Anders Remmer you owe it to yourself to go listen to some of his stuff. In the link below there are two songs (I Forgot and Hideout) from the "Hideout" album, and two other tracks that appear on different compilations.

Dub Tractor - Various tracks



Dub Tractor/Myspace

søndag den 24. februar 2008

DJ gig!

If you enjoy the music on this blog and you live in Copenhagen you should put a X in your calender friday 29.february when 1/3 of this blog will DJ at the wonderful cafe "Din nye ven". The evening is hosted by "Klub tirsdag". Hope to see you there....

Visit these sites for information:

Din nye ven

Klub tirsdag

fredag den 22. februar 2008

Weekend mix

Here is a weekend mix for you, including a brand new song from Tapes 'n Tapes, a song from Vampire Weekend's new debut album and the best song from The National Bank's 2. album just released. Please Enjoy.

Vampire Weekend - A-Punk

The National Bank - Styrofoam

Tapes 'n Tapes - Hang them all

torsdag den 21. februar 2008

Opening Acts, for now...

Well, this is my first stab at a theme-post - and the subject: great opening acts.
There's been quite a few interesting shows in our little duck-pond of a country lately,
but not just because of the great artists headlining; this last week also gave us some great performances by
65daysofstatic (kicking off the Cure concert in Copenhagen) and Helgi Hrafn Jónsson (giving Teitur a soft and mellow red carpet) here in Århus. 65days quite literally blew me away with their instrumental post-rock wall of drums and wailing guitars, which might seem as an odd choice to go on before The Cure, but in a strange way it made sense the moment mr. Smith and co. started off their show with a no-keys (!) rendition of Plainsong, sweet sweet stuff. So here we go, give these two songs a good listen, and as always - buy the music if you like it as much as I do (or buy it anyway, just because I say so...)

onsdag den 20. februar 2008

Julie Maria

At work today (I work in a record store) I stumbled upon a CD with Julie Maria. This girl just released her 2. album called "På kanten af virkeligheden" and it's a great pop record. Especially this number is well made. There is a really good remix of the song on her myspace as well. Enjoy

søndag den 17. februar 2008


I went to see Teitur yesterday at Vega in Copenhagen and it was a very beautiful and breathtaking concert. Teitur really knows how to put on a show that gets under the skin. He played for almost 2,5 hours and a lot of songs from the new album "The singer". The new songs worked very well live and I need to go buy that album first thing tomorrow.....

This is a song from before he even had a record deal. I saw him play at
Spot festival and asked him if he would send me a demo....and he did (he's such a nice guy!). This song is from that demo, it's still a great song. Go buy that new album!!

Teitur - Hard to fool

fredag den 15. februar 2008

Weekend Mix

It´s finally weekend. Here´s some icelandic artist to help you get off to a good start. Cheers. and enjoy.....

Eberg - Inside Your Head

Emiliana Torrini - Sunny Road

Apparat Organ Quartet - Romantika


Modeselektor is a German constellation. Their album "Happy Birthday" came out last year in september. Check it out on their myspace page.

Modeselektor Feat. Thom Yorke - The White Flash

tirsdag den 12. februar 2008

The helio sequence

Another great band signed to the great label subpop. The Helio Sequence sound a bit like Wolf Parade and Broken Social Scene but I actually like this better. They just released their 3. album and are going on tour. Take a listen to this song from that album.


The helio sequence - Can't say no

søndag den 10. februar 2008


The album, "Small arm of sea" from the artist Tone, is somewhat revolutionary because it’s a cd release whit a special creative commons license, which replaces the traditional copyright. That means that you can go by the album in a store or simply go download it at her webpage. or Here you can also get familiar with the special creative commons license. Tone (Sofie Nielsen) is an Aalborg based artist. She roams around in an electronic trip-hop inspired universe combined with her smooth beautiful voice.
Listen to some of her tracks and make your own opinion.....

Tone - I am long

Tone - My mind exploded

Tone - Move me sideways


Finally!!!.....This is something I have been looking forward to in a long time. A new single from the wonderful band Elbow. There 3. album "Grounds for divorce" is released March 10th. It has taken them 3 years to complete the recordings, so i bet it is a very good recording or I am hoping it is! Go check them out here on their myspace. Sorry about the song quality, it's from BBC radio.

Elbow - Grounds for divorce (new single)

Elbow - Station approach (from 2. album)

and other stuff.......
I was browsing myspace and found some interesting stuff, take a listen if you have the time

fredag den 8. februar 2008

onsdag den 6. februar 2008

Get Well Soon

This is going to be big! Konstantin Gropper is the man behind Get Well Soon and he has just released the album Rest Now Weary Head! You Will Get Well Soon and it's freakin' awesome (excuse my teen regression please, but I'm excited...)! The songs are varied and complex but oddly appealing on a first listen nonetheless. Listen to the posted song in its full length and you will understand what I mean. The orchestration is somewhere between (or next to, or what not) Arcade Fire and fellow Canadians Broken Social Scene, but Gropper's vocals are more along the lines of mr. Thom Yorke (in his falsetto at least). Pardon all the comparisons, they aren't that accurate really; I guess the best way to find out if you like it or not is to listen to the music... More information can be found on his MySpace or original homepage. Enjoy!

tirsdag den 5. februar 2008

Say hi

I like this band, they play rock music. Give them a listen, you might like it too. Visit them on myspace here.


Say hi - Northwestern Girls

Say hi - Toil and Trouble (highly recommended)

fredag den 1. februar 2008

Weekend Mix

A new weekend is upon us. here´s some great music to keep you company.

The National - Green Gloves

Sigur Rós - Salka

Efterklang - Mirador