torsdag den 21. februar 2008

Opening Acts, for now...

Well, this is my first stab at a theme-post - and the subject: great opening acts.
There's been quite a few interesting shows in our little duck-pond of a country lately,
but not just because of the great artists headlining; this last week also gave us some great performances by
65daysofstatic (kicking off the Cure concert in Copenhagen) and Helgi Hrafn Jónsson (giving Teitur a soft and mellow red carpet) here in Århus. 65days quite literally blew me away with their instrumental post-rock wall of drums and wailing guitars, which might seem as an odd choice to go on before The Cure, but in a strange way it made sense the moment mr. Smith and co. started off their show with a no-keys (!) rendition of Plainsong, sweet sweet stuff. So here we go, give these two songs a good listen, and as always - buy the music if you like it as much as I do (or buy it anyway, just because I say so...)

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Martin Ibsen sagde ...

Helgi Jonsson also played before teitur at his concert at Vega. It was great