søndag den 10. februar 2008


The album, "Small arm of sea" from the artist Tone, is somewhat revolutionary because it’s a cd release whit a special creative commons license, which replaces the traditional copyright. That means that you can go by the album in a store or simply go download it at her webpage. www.urlyd.com/section/news or www.tonetone.org. Here you can also get familiar with the special creative commons license. Tone (Sofie Nielsen) is an Aalborg based artist. She roams around in an electronic trip-hop inspired universe combined with her smooth beautiful voice.
Listen to some of her tracks and make your own opinion.....

Tone - I am long

Tone - My mind exploded

Tone - Move me sideways

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Jonas Urth sagde ...

Tone is nice, but I just have to mention Band Ane, she is also i danish Laptop musician, she doesn't sing, and her music is a little more party oriented. There are some free downloads at her last.fm profile
"Wood Delivery" deserves some attention.