lørdag den 10. maj 2008

Maria Køhnke on Den 11. Time

A few days ago I had had a long hard day at work and had been gone from 7.30 in the morning to 10.30 in the evening, so before bed I just wanted to watch my favorite Danish TV show called Den 11. time (transl: the eleventh hour) which is a show about everything and nothing and sometimes features some great live performances (Efterklang, Teitur, El Perro del Mar and so forth). As it happens I fell asleep on my couch before the show started, but I woke just in time to catch an amazing performance by Maria Køhnke doing a live rendition of the song Cardboard Heart. Not only is the song beautiful, but it was accompanied by stunning visuals made by a couple of cardboard theater enthusiasts. I was in that state of almost-awake-almost-sleep that always seems to last a few minutes leaving me completely open to impressions as if they were a dream and I was absolutely blown away. I'm sorry I can't embed a video, but go here and watch it, just scroll down and select the clip (and yes, it plays on macs). The album Collector has been out for a few months and can be purchased on eMusic, Vibrashop and iTunes.
Here's one of the other great songs from ms. Køhnke, enjoy:

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Martin Ibsen sagde ...

Amazing and great video! Thanks