lørdag den 15. marts 2008

Connor Kirby-Long

Step into the world of Connor Kirby-Long. He works under many different names but is best know as Khonnor. Besides Khonnor he calls himself strange things like Gaza Faggot, Grandma and I, Cactus. His music is a beautiful and weird mix of electronic sounds, noise and guitar song writing. He uses low-tech instruments such as an instructional Japanese language course package's microphone, an amp, a guitar, and experimental electronics in his recordings which explore the relationship between language and sound. It sometimes sounds like a soundtrack to a David Lynch movie. Haunting and the kind of music that gets you in the right melancholic mood. He's not a great singer and not even a typical songwriter but there is just something about him that takes my breath away. If you give this kid (he's only 20 years old) a chance you might just fall in love to. The first song here is from his debut album under the name Khonnor called Handwriting. That album received  some very good reviews and I think it is a masterpiece. The second song is under the alias Gaza Faggot and the last one his Grandma project. You can visit him on his myspace but there is very little info about him and buy his music here.

Khonnor - A little secret

Gaza Faggot - Softbo

Grandma - Aborttion rock

3 kommentarer:

Jeppe Eriksen sagde ...

freakin' awesome post! and the music's not bad at all either... thanks for this

Anonym sagde ...

Got his first album and it rocks...!!!

Anonym sagde ...

I miss you, Khonnor.