fredag den 4. april 2008

The Raconteurs

With thunderous riffs, dual guitar licks, mexican horns and bluegrass banjos og violins (or are they called fiddles in this context?) there are so many things that could go horribly wrong with the new Raconteurs album Consolers Of The Lonely but much to my satisfaction they don’t – it just plain works. Raconteurs are less dogmatic and more musical than White’s main gig with The White Stripes, and Benson’s pale-white-boy-soul vocals really sound amazing alongside White’s blazing guitar riff’orama; I can’t remember hearing his mastery of his six stringed instrument quite so outspoken before. To top it all off they’ve even included a few songs that almost falls into the ’ballads’ category, which only adds to the overall balance and feel of the album.

I’ve never been much into The White Stripes or even the first The Raconteurs album, but this is to good to not let you guys know about it – it’s out in stores now. Or sign up at e-music and get it (and a whole bunch of other great independent bands) at bargain prices. And check out the new video below.

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