onsdag den 2. april 2008

I, cactus

Here is a chance for you to really challenge your ears! I wrote about this guy a couple of posts ago and after that I found this free album download on the Internet. It's released on a page/recordcompany called 8 bit peoples. Their mission is to "..continue to provide the vast majority of all our releases for free, including printable covers and inserts so that anyone with the desire to can "manufacture" physical copies of our albums. Furthermore, limited runs of most of our releases are available, offering superior sound quality to the mp3 releases and occasionally bonus tunes." They have a lot of stange and funny albums you can download for free and one of them is I, cactus. Download his album for free and take a listen....Enjoy

Album (Zip)
I, cactus - I, cactus

The tracklist is:
01 Yellow cactus
02 Chartreuse cactus
03 Green cactus
04 Bamboo cactus
05 Ruby cactus
06 Silver cactus

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