torsdag den 5. juni 2008


Ok, so this year's SPOT festival has officially begun, and as promised we will be there for the duration. Or some of us will...Or at least one of us... So as Martin recovered from his long trip and Jakob finished off some school work I was forced to go solo for the evening (if you call going with your girlfriend and one of her friends 'solo').
Calling this day 1 might be stretching it a little, since it's basically just an opening night that differs in style and content from the rest of the festival by show-casing not just Scandinavian artists but acts from all over Europe. I had the chance to go see a double concert with Danish indie-darlings Murder (see picture ) and DAAU from Belgium, none of which have released anything in the last couple of  years. I'v always enjoyed Murder (and singer Bellenz' main act I Got You On Tape) on record and seeing them live was different but just as good.
I had no knowledge of DAAU (Die Anarcistische Abendunterhaltung or The Anarchistic Evening Entertainment, for the non-german speaking readers out there), but they turned out to be great as well. It's not every day you get the opportunity to listen to instrumental heavy/folk/jazz played on cello, double-bass, accordion, clarinet and a drum kit by 5 skinny, sweating and pale young men, and finding yourself thoroughly enjoying the whole thing. I've haven't been able to flush out any free songs for y'all with such short notice but here are some links if you are eager to find out more.

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