søndag den 1. juni 2008

Spejderrobot, Snöleoparden and Efterklang at Spot

I really don´t know that much about Spejderrobot, except that his real name is Mikael Elkjær. His music is a good portion of electronica, some might call it low ambient. He recently released his first album "Falder baglæns ind i igår", which you can purchase here. If you like his music you can attend his concert at the spot festival where he will be playing friday evening.
Later friday evening you should go heck out Snöleoparden, who had his record debut in march this spring. Go get his record "Snöleoparden" here.
If you a this point isn´t hammered by consuming booze then you should check out the danish constellation Efterklang.

Snöleoparden - Dreng

Efterklang - Him Poe Poe


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Martin Ibsen sagde ...

I really would like to see sneleoparden!