lørdag den 28. juni 2008

Weekend Mix

As Jeppe said in a earlier post, it has been awhile since he last put op a post, and that goes for me to. I´m finally done with doing different paper works, and now its summertime.....thank god. To kick in the summer here some great tracks for your pleasure. The first one is from Brassica aka. Michael Anthony Wright, a young guy from London. He is set to put out his new record 21 july at Tartaruga records, which earlier this spring put out Bleeding Heart Narratives debut album "All that was missing we never had in the world". The second track is from the fantastic youngster Khonnor, which we have blogged about aerlier. Its an old track from his first EP "Lost Pets". Though its from 2003 it´s still rocking....!!

Brassica - The Conveyor Belt(On The Way In)

Khonnor - Cantelopps

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