søndag den 8. juni 2008


This years SPOT festival has come to an end. Day three didn´t really live up to the standards of friday's concerts. Some of the hyped concerts turned out to be a bit dissapointing. That said there were some eye openers. Some of the less noticeable artists, gave some great performances, and hey isn´t that what SPOT festival is all about? Discovering some unknown music......

Maia Hirasawa (Great performed pop music)

Susanna (A softer version of Tori Amos. Cant help thinking of a Danish band named Klakki when I listen to her voice)

The Radio Dept. (Synth pop/rock at its best!!)

Telli Bill (Didnt play at the actual SPOT Festival but at an afterparty.......but they should have 'cause they were awsome!!)

Pictures from SPOT Festival

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Martin Ibsen sagde ...

Thank you guys for a great weekend!

Martin Ibsen sagde ...

PS. you can go watch some videos from the festival here. http://www.dr.dk/Musik/Temaer/Spot_08/20080522120345.htm