søndag den 26. oktober 2008

The Werneckes

Well....As Jeppe says...Lack of posts. I have been meaning to write about this artist for quite some time, but hasn´t come around to it. Well untill now. So here goes.

The Werneckes is a one man project by a guy named Jacob Moeller, based in Montreal, Canada. He just released his second album (to my knowledge) by the name "Cycle". His music is a compilation of keys, folk musi
c, flanging guitars, loops and much more. You can´t really box it. It´s kind a mellow and i really like it. It makes a great sound carpet for the grey and cold weather outside. You can visit his HP here, where you also can make a purchase of his record.

The Werneckes - Cycling

The Werneckes - The Golem Of Prague

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