lørdag den 25. oktober 2008

The Cure's '4:13 Dream' stream

First off, allow me to apoligize for the recent lack of posts; exams and general busy'ness (it's a word! or maybe not...) has had us all hanging on the ropes, but hopefully we will manage to make up for the lost time soon. So thanks for still reading.

Secondly - and much more importantly - the new album from the The Cure is ready but if you need to check it out before buying you can listen to the entire thing on their MySpace here (usual less-than-perfect MySpace quality, but hey - it's better than nothing). After the first listen I am very positive and hopeful; it's The Cure the way I've always preferred them: layers of beatiful guitars, firm basslines tieing it all down and Robert's Smiths's vocals filled with desperation, tenderness and madness all at once. It's dark but not without a certain pop sensibility to boot. Confused? No need to be, go listen for yourself, for crying out loud.

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